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Tando Guzana is a commercial photographer, videographer, and multimedia specialist based in Cape Town, South Africa. Being born in East London and growing up in the Eastern Cape, a career in the creative arts was never considered a serious career choice due to the lack of exposure and industry within the Eastern Cape. This all changed in 2008 while furthering his studies in Port Elizabeth when he picked up his first camera.

Tando`s ambition, curiosity, passion, and love for creation and storytelling have seen him in different creative spaces over the past 12 years. These include Fashion, Advertising, Digital Media, and Stock Media. This experience has allowed him to develop his diverse style and approach to creating content.

He constantly challenges himself to be the best version possible and takes meticulous care and time with each project he undertakes. Like most creatives, he shares a belief that anything you touch has a piece of you in it.

Tando believes that to grow as a creative your perspective and how you view the world should not be one-dimensional. You should always explore all perspectives. This helps you see the world differently and allows you to create with a new eye.

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